What an image portrays varies among different people, and in the case of Satan, unlike most people's beliefs, Heaven was an oppressive place. With Satan's view of Heaven comes another view, this one belonging to Hell, which consequently was a direct foil of God's celestial domain. To Satan, Heaven was not a paradise worth indulging, at least not when in it was under the rule of God. The basic thought of imprisonment (this being a contradiction to the belief that entering Heaven is to be free) is easily derived from "Paradise Lost", shown when the idea that every entity had to follow the whim of God. With devious misdoings on his mind, Satan despised God, Heaven, and everything they represented. Also, besides this view of incarceration, Satan saw Heaven as a barrier never to be broken; a goal never to be accomplished but always worth trying to obtain. Satan's view of Hell contradicts the way one would normally act towards such a vile place. Through the sulfurous air and scalding fires, the devil found freedom. Here, though unlike the harmonious climate of Heaven, Satan could rule, living they way he sought fit and rule this domain. Here in Hell, Satan has an absolute freedom that he could never have in Heaven. Besides Hell presenting freedom, Satan also viewed it as his base in which he would wage an eternal war with God. With Satan's view of hell (really Heaven) he waged war upon God and his holy angels, only to face humiliating defeat. Through this crushing blow, however, Satan received his heaven, which in actuality was Hell.