Check out the PROOF that this does indeed work!!!
Check out the PROOF that this does indeed work!!!
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Welcome to the College Collection, the site dedicated to college students. Here you can find an assortment of things that any college student can find useful.

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Books online
Why wait in line when you can buy your books online? Here you will find all the online college book stores online all you have to do is find the cheapest price!
Free Essays
Have a mental block? Well to help get those creative juices flowing, take a peek at some of these topics.
NEWLecture NotesNEW
Falling behind a course because you don't understand the course material or were just to lazy to go to class? Check out these sites!!
Free Money
Got nothing better to do? Well make some cash just being online right here. Best of all, its free!
Link Xchange
Got a website? Wanna promote it? Just click here and Xchange links. Your Website will thank you for it.
Tired of being surrounded by silence? Well, give your ears a break, come here and get your fill of music.
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Need to drop someone a line? What better way than an actual virtual card?
Tired of the same old boring way to surf the net? Well try one of these browsers They are fast, fun - and FREE!

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