"A laugh a minute." "Two thumbs up." "A must see movie." These are all phrases that would be given to Chaucer's work if he was writing screen plays today. Chaucer's movies would be found among the best selling movies on the charts. The reason is simple; he gives people what they want: comical violence, sexual content, with a cunning story line. Something never lacking in Chaucer's tales is comical violence. In Chaucer's work is found a droll violence that could relate to some of the incidents found in "America's Funniest Videos." The violence found in Chaucer's story, The Miller's Tale, when Nicholas the Gallant gets jabbed in the arse with the hot poker can be comparable to when a man's son, while playing baseball, accidentally hits his father in the groin with a line drive. Ouch!!!! Another thing that is always on the minds of people, is sexual content. In Chaucer's would be movies, people would view plenty of this. In the Miller's tale a young student, Nicholas the Gallant, has an affair with the wife of an unsuspecting reeve. In another of Chaucer's stories, the Reeve's tale, two young students make love to a miller's wife and daughter. In terms of sexual content, what more could a person want? Chaucer's ability to weave a tale is what would really keep people enthralled. In all his stories he had twists, usually humorous, that could intrigue the thoughts of any one. In the Pardoner's tale he showed that nobody can cheat death when the three rioters tried to steal from Death himself. The bounty stolen by them, instead of being divided equally, brought muderous greed to the three of them in which they ended up killing one another. Other humorous twist in Chaucer's writings that would appeal to a movie going audience today can be found in the Reeve's tale. In the Reeve's tale, John moved the cradle marking the miller's bed next to his own so the miller's wife would slip into his bed coming back from relieving her self at night. With these three facets, along with many other aspects, would make the movies that Chaucer would have written into blockbusters. Among movies such as "Liar, Liar" and "City Slickers" would be movies from Chaucer with titles such as "In the End of Things"( The Miller's Tale) and "Caught Red Handed" (the Reeve's Tale).